20 things learned at 20

My twentieth birthday is actually on the twelfth of June, but somebody gave me an idea of what to post on my birthday, so I thought I’d post this today while I was thinking of it.

A lot has changed since my last birthday, and as I’ll no longer be a teenager, I thought I’d make a list of twenty things I’ve learned over the past year.

1/ Try new things

2/ Stand up for yourself

3/ Do what brings you joy

4/ You can be afraid and brave at the same time

5/ Ask questions

6/ Be yourself

7/ Follow your heart

8/ Plants thrive in the right environment

9/ Think before you buy

10/ If you’re learning something you’ll probably make mistakes

11/ A lot of things aren’t meant to be taken personally

12/ Talk to people

13/ How to play guitar

14/ Stepping out is terrifyingly good for you

15/ God is proud of you

16/ There is so much out there

17/ Worship without worrying about other people

18/ You can do it

19/ You are worth it

20/ Bulky scarves make winter even more wonderful

Until tomorrow, campers,

Sarah xx

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