The Art of Looking Ahead

My year is broken up into four terms, and what happens near the end of the term is always the same; numerous days of stress. It’s the accumulation of finishing off that last assignment whilst also balancing a gazillion other things that you have to do whilst receiving your calendar for the following calendar, which means not only are you stressed about your current term but you’re stressed about the oncoming term.

There’s a moment about three quarters through the term in which I feel really good. Most of my assignments are done and there’s no impending doom because the oncoming term doesn’t exist in my headspace yet.

That feeling happened last week, and now that feeling is over and I want it back.

The term always finishes and the next one always starts and it always turns out okay, but there’s still this internal panic that makes it difficult to concentrate on much else. I don’t know what it is. Not trusting God? That’s usually a likely answer.

I’m a self-motivated person, so it’s not that I’ve left everything to the last minute. Because I haven’t. And it’s not that we have too much work. I think it’s simply the matter of the straw that broke the camel’s back.

You’re carrying a fair amount of things and you’re doing fine. You pick up a few more things on the way, but still you’re fine because the original things are under control. Then boom too much to carry.

Maybe one day I’ll figure out a balance of how to not be stressed when one more thing is added to my many-things. Today isn’t that day, so I’ll feel a little pressure for a little longer.

Have a good one, campers,

Sarah xx

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