22 things learned at 22

My 22nd birthday is tomorrow, and per tradition, I’ve compiled a list of lessons learned since turning 22. You can find my 20 lessons and 21 lessons here and here.

1/ God will always wait patiently for us

2/ Dry shampoo is not a solution

3/ A poem does not have to serve an obvious purpose

4/ Not having all the answers isn’t a bad thing

5/ A good skincare routine is important

6/ Words will not write themselves

7/ If you don’t eat breakfast you’ll arrive at work starving

8/ Lessen distractions and pay attention to your thoughts

9/ There is no such thing as watching Mamma Mia 2 too many times

10/ Other people aren’t mind readers – so don’t expect them to be

11/ You won’t always know how to word something until you start speaking

12/ Driving for seven hours isn’t that bad, so long as you have some good music and a pack of muesli bars

13/ Your bad mood will ~sometimes~ stem from your thoughts rather than situations

14/ A chai latte is worth the cost

15/ Other blogs are for entertainment, education, inspiration – not comparison

16/ If you want to wear makeup you should, even if no one will see it

17/ Do not buy something online right away – leave it for a few days and then ask yourself if you honestly want/need it

18/ Unfollow, unfriend, delete apps – all of it

19/ Do not brush your hair if it’s wet

20/ No matter how busy you are, you will prioritise what’s important to you – and so will others

21/ Darkness cannot extinguish light

22/ There is more – there is always more

When I began writing this list it wasn’t coming easily. But after a few points, I found I had way more than 22 lessons. Despite all the other things running through my mind, I’m hoping I captured the essence and importance of what being 21 held for me. And maybe those other lessons will make their way into another blog post?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah xx

By Sarah

My name is Sarah and I’m a twenty three year old who loves Jesus first and foremost, finds joy in the simple things, and appreciates a good metaphor and oxford comma.

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