22 things learned at 22

My 22nd birthday is tomorrow, and per tradition, I’ve compiled a list of lessons learned since turning 22. You can find my 20 lessons and 21 lessons here and here.

1/ God will always wait patiently for us

2/ Dry shampoo is not a solution

3/ A poem does not have to serve an obvious purpose

4/ Not having all the answers isn’t a bad thing

5/ A good skincare routine is important

6/ Words will not write themselves

7/ If you don’t eat breakfast you’ll arrive at work starving

8/ Lessen distractions and pay attention to your thoughts

9/ There is no such thing as watching Mamma Mia 2 too many times

10/ Other people aren’t mind readers – so don’t expect them to be

11/ You won’t always know how to word something until you start speaking

12/ Driving for seven hours isn’t that bad, so long as you have some good music and a pack of muesli bars

13/ Your bad mood will ~sometimes~ stem from your thoughts rather than situations

14/ A chai latte is worth the cost

15/ Other blogs are for entertainment, education, inspiration – not comparison

16/ If you want to wear makeup you should, even if no one will see it

17/ Do not buy something online right away – leave it for a few days and then ask yourself if you honestly want/need it

18/ Unfollow, unfriend, delete apps – all of it

19/ Do not brush your hair if it’s wet

20/ No matter how busy you are, you will prioritise what’s important to you – and so will others

21/ Darkness cannot extinguish light

22/ There is more – there is always more

When I began writing this list it wasn’t coming easily. But after a few points, I found I had way more than 22 lessons. Despite all the other things running through my mind, I’m hoping I captured the essence and importance of what being 21 held for me. And maybe those other lessons will make their way into another blog post?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah xx

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