The Art of Leaving the Comfort Zone Box

If the comfort zone is a square, I was very good at boxing myself in.

The problem with boxing myself in, however, comes when God enters the space, and suddenly there’s no room for me. With God in my life, we both don’t fit in the comfort zone box. I have to move back a step to allow Him to fit into my life. This step back results in me stepping out of the comfort zone box.

Right where He wants me.

For outside of the comfort zone is where I learn to trust him and is where I learn to let go. It’s where I step out and take a leap of faith. It’s where I stand up and do something knowing who’s backing me.

The comfort zone is pretty boring. I like being comfortable, but I would much rather be stretched and tested and grown and proven. I would much rather strengthen my faith and my trust and my testimony. I would much rather take risks for the Kingdom than stay safe in my comfort zone box, where I find I disobey God too easily.

If I never left my comfort zone box, I wouldn’t have learnt guitar. I wouldn’t have had some important conversations. I wouldn’t have found my voice.

Maybe your comfort zone is a circle and you find that you’re not around. (Ha! Ha ha ha!) (I just wanted an excuse to say that really bad pun. I don’t really know what it means, I just saw the opportunity and went for it.)

The Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years. And whilst God provided for them, manna isn’t the abundance of the Kingdom. Maybe your abundance is just outside the walls of your comfort zone box. I find that that’s where mine usually is.

And how worth it it is to step out and receive from God!

Step out, campers. My life became much fuller, much more when I started to.

Sarah xx

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