Eight / Poem

Eight (Written by Sarah Bennett)

I am so many dreams poured together,

Keeping me alive.

The wanting is woven into my name.

I am confusion and love and what is often called naïve

But is actually compassion.


I have been given grace so how can I not pass it on?

I am the drought that is quenched by being together.

I believe in being alone but am no stranger to loneliness,

My bones cry out to be pulled from this slumber.

There is so much of me that I did not choose for myself,

So much that even I cannot yet see,

So much that I want to achieve but may never reach.

Is there more of my past entwined in this voice,

Or more of a future that I know nothing of yet contains more hope than today?

I kneel besides the bathtub.

There I am at eight, able to fold my body so small beneath the water,

Able to hold my breath for as long as I wish to be a mermaid.

This is where I start.

To know me is to know her.

Lately my quiet times have turned into poems, which I love. There is something so innocent and clear about the poetry I write after spending time with God, after praying from the depths of my heart. It only reassures me how much of my creativity is connected to God.

Sarah xx

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