Fishing / Poem

Fishing (written by Sarah Bennett) Someone gives me a compliment I did not ask for, And you say I’m fishing for it. Only I did not want what I caught, I did not eat what I caught, I threw it back into the ocean Where every other nice word said about me Has sunk to … Continue reading Fishing / Poem

Spring / Poem

Spring (Written by Sarah Bennett) There’s washing on the line and a poem in my heart, A fullness of joy that’s been in hiding. Was I the one who sent it away? There are walks to be had and flowers to plant, The sun filters through the windows, shining. A slow, happy day. Interestingly, I … Continue reading Spring / Poem

Leaving Social Media (for good)

I like how my blog showcases patterns in my life; different interests, different inspirations. Minimalism, running (perhaps this isn’t mentioned as much as it should be), social media (or lack thereof). They seem to be in rotation. While writing and reading are constant on this blog, and the glory to God behind everything I write, … Continue reading Leaving Social Media (for good)

Uni Updates

I feel like I haven’t sat down and written a blog post in a while. I have the usual poems and book reviews, but not something chatty, or thoughtful. I’ve been busy, which I know is the excuse that causes the response of, you’re never too busy to write, or, you prioritise what you care … Continue reading Uni Updates

finding contentment in a bookstore

I don’t know that I’ve spoken about it specifically, but I’ve been working at a bookstore for the last five months. When people find out there’s usually one of two responses; either, “that’s the best job, you’re surrounded by books all day!” or “retail is the worst, what do you plan on doing in the … Continue reading finding contentment in a bookstore