In which a flower declares love for the sun / Poem

You watched me bloom Saw more than anyone else. Delicately You gave more than most. You let me be in the coolness of night Surrounded by drops of dew. And when I awoke I couldn’t help but see The glory that was you. Another poem I wrote a couple of years ago and wanted to … Continue reading In which a flower declares love for the sun / Poem

Beauty / Poem

Beauty (written by Sarah Bennett) There is a longing to find beauty, Even when it offers no solution to the problems in our hands. But there is something true in what we seek, Beauty cannot make our problems disappear but it can help us understand. A little poem for a little cloudy Thursday. Sarah xx

Leaving Social Media (for good)

I like how my blog showcases patterns in my life; different interests, different inspirations. Minimalism, running (perhaps this isn’t mentioned as much as it should be), social media (or lack thereof). They seem to be in rotation. While writing and reading are constant on this blog, and the glory to God behind everything I write, … Continue reading Leaving Social Media (for good)