Brisbane, Baby!

My first time in Queensland, and I didn’t even know it for a while. I was on the lookout for a banana plantation, a theme park, or beach and saw none of those things so I assumed I hadn’t arrived yet. But I had!

Anyway, I’m safely in Brisbane and I have now seen a few banana trees so I’m feeling pretty happy with myself.

So far, snack food has been bought (cheeses and chai), walking has been done (some of it in the rain, which wasn’t so bad), and the shower has deemed itself acceptable (some take awhile to figure out). I’ve been to an art gallery and museum (saw some dinosaurs and sharks so I’m happy), as well as walked by the river. I’ve had a few run-ins with an ibis (affectionately known as a ‘bin chicken’) and survived a cyclone.

Bin chicken on the prowl

I also made this awesome unicorn that I bought at the museum (it’s kind of like mini-Lego), so please be impressed by my hour of work.

A groovy lil’ thing, right?

The weather is hot and I’m a constant sweaty mess with frizzy hair. What an awful way of being described; thankfully I’m not usually associated with such terms. Something about this climate is just not great for me. I’ve got constant flyaway hairs that don’t know the meaning of ‘settle down’ and my hands are just sticky. My legs are achy from walking up hills (achy-breaky-legs) and every day I tell myself the walking will get easier but it never does.

I sound like I’m in a pathetic state, but all in all my first time in Brisbane has been genuinely great.

I went on that!

In between catching buses and checking out the sights, I’ve been relaxing by listening to my favourite podcast (Beautiful Anonymous) and reading a classic (Portrait of a Lady) on top of making the unicorn. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of flowers that I find, which has been fun. (All it does is emphasise my oddly planty Instagram feed though. I feel like in real life I’m not that planty, but hey, maybe I am and I’m just living in denial.) I’ve also done some sewing, but I can’t show you because it’s a present for my dad and I don’t want to ruin the surprise of what the little-weird-cross-stitch for him will be.

Giant pot plants!

This is very important: I had an amazing sandwich at a restaurant on the other side of the river today which was so good.

Caramelized onion for the win

I’ve also been listening to this song on repeat, making it my Brisbane memories song.

Well, tomorrow is for traveling back home and losing an hour as we head back into daylight savings. This time tomorrow I’ll be back in New South Wales and normal life will continue.

Sarah xx

Classic river shot

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