March Camper

It is the fifth of March, and I have a plan! A March plan. I am a March planner, a March camper. (I like that because it almost rhymed which made it almost a song. I don’t think it actually makes sense though.)

As I’ve already said, I’m sure, not much is happening with my life right now. So I’ve made a list of vague-plans for March, which I’ll share here, which I’m very happy about because it’s giving me mini goals so I’m not just reading Nancy Drew all day every day. Though that was a good time, not gonna lie.

Okay. Things that this camper is doing in March:

1/ Setting an alarm

For every morning. Not just to go for a run (though yes, that is a thing that will become a thing) but so my sleep pattern goes back to normal. Let’s just say, I’ve been well-acquainted with midnight, which means I wake up late, which means I can’t fall asleep that night so I fall asleep at midnight; you get the idea. I used to be a morning a person! I consider myself a morning person! I am often more productive in the morning and enjoy relaxing in the afternoon. So setting my alarm is getting me back into doing things in the morning. When I wake up early, I do things. When I wake up late, I don’t do things. Very simple.

Setting an alarm the past few days has already made a positive difference because I actually feel awake and ready for the day instead of sluggish, and I hate that word so that just proves how real the struggle is.

2/ Intentionally reading a Christian book

This year, so far, I have been reading the Bible and praying and all that fun stuff consistently, which I’m pretty proud of because in the past that’s always been very up and down. So to have that focused God time has been great so far this year. But I’ve neglected my little pile of five Christian books I was planning on reading this year. I chose them in December knowing they’d be good for me. It’s just so much easier to read Nancy Drew instead of a book that challenges and convicts you. So less murder, more soul-feeding.

(I literally just went to drink my cup of tea and I MISSED MY MOUTH completely and got it everywhere. Oh man. I’M TRYING TO BLOG.)

*interlude while I clean up my mess*

(Go watch the Sound of Music or something; the tea is actually everywhere and will take years to clean up.)

(Okay I’m back, tea is cleaned up, and I’ve still got some in my cup to look forward to.)

My nice mug makes up for the fact that I lost some tea

3/ Editing

Ew ew ew. So I’ve got 30,000 words of a book I’m currently writing and I want to bring it up to 40,000 this month. This means not only writing more, but going back and editing what I’ve already written. A lot of people say edit after you’ve got an entire draft, but I wrote the first few chapters so long ago that by going back and editing them is actually actually increasing my word count.

4/ Walking

Not running. I want to walk because I like looking at trees and the sky, not because I want to force myself to run. I mean, I will run sometimes, but I want to walk without the pressure of going for a run.

5/ Unsubscribing

One of the best feelings is having a clean inbox am I right am I right. I just unsubscribed from a bunch of things I don’t want (at the time you think it’s a good idea but after getting three emails a day it’s not so good am I right am I right) and it feels so freeing! I feel like a new woman, ready to trek into a world of not-trash! And on top of this, if I get an email I don’t want, to unsubscribe then and there instead of just deleting it. Just deleting it doesn’t solve the problem, Sarah.

I’ve also done this with Instagram; unfollowed accounts that just don’t do it for me any more. It means I’ve got less clogging up my news feed so I can focus on all the beautiful faces of people I actually know, my favourite blogs, and knitting inspiration (now is not the time to judge).

6/ Not killing my sunflowers

If these bad boys don’t last until I see a touch of yellow, I might just buy myself a sunflower that’s already a sunflower. Who knew they would take fifty years just to grow a bloomin’ stem. (Do you like how that was a pun? Unintentional but just as effective.)

2018 (176).jpg
I believe in you

7/ Barre chords baby (Bar chord? Barre chord? Ahhhhh)

These are the most painfully annoying things I’ve ever come across in my twenty years of life. It’s a way of playing chords on guitar and they just, ugh. I’ve decided to learn a song where I’ll use one barre chord, then once I’ve got that down, I’ll keep going until they’re sort of acceptable.

8/ Road Trippin’

I’m going to Brisbane! I’ve never been to Brisbane before, so when my sister asked me if I wanted to go it was an easy yes. I can pretend to be very cultured and wise now that I’m going somewhere I’ve never been; why, I could start a travel blog with the amount of culture I’ll gain from going to one place. Ha. I’m looking forward to eating in Brisbane. I don’t know what else you’re supposed to do in Brisbane, but food is very important. Very.

9/ Extraordinary Baking Skills Bro

This has been on my mind all year, wanting to further my culinary skills. (Do I sound professional saying culinary?) So far it hasn’t been so bad, but I do want to step up my game somewhat. I made an apple cake yesterday and it was amazing if I do say so myself.

Look at that uncooked beauty

10/ Cross-stitch

I love cross-stitch. I love sewing. It’s just so great. But I’m not very good at putting in the effort unless I’m super-duper motivated (hello chicken shorts). So I’ve started doing just a few smaller cross-stitches that I can work on without thinking about it. I can just do it whilst watching a movie, or do it if I’m tired and don’t feel like reading.

There it is, my March Camper list. I really like making lists, and I like this one because they’re just small things I can implement into my life right now. Also, can we just note that I had not one, not two, but three photos in this blog post!? I’m really climbing the ladder of success here 😉

Have a great day, campers!

Sarah xx

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