I never used to do this. Wander aimlessly, I mean. I’m very good at sticking to a plan, a point, a productive action.

But in this time of uncertainty, one of the things I appreciate the most has been walking for the sake of it. Not exercising, not slowing from running, but just walking and stopping along the way and looking.

I am a lover of simple joys (you all know the ones: clean linen, opening a peanut butter jar for the first time and seeing the perfectly smooth top, lighting a candle, drinking a cup of tea) and walking has now become one of them. I don’t know when I became someone who just… walks… but here I am, announcing that I am one.

I like noticing things that I haven’t before, and nature is always changing and looks different depending on the light, so I can walk the same route (I live on a dead end street, so that’s kind of necessary) but still discover something new. Which I love.

I like walking early in the morning, when things are still and just getting ready for the day. I like walking in the evening, when things are cooling down and settling in for the night. I like walking in the day when everything is bright and bursting.

With all the writing I do, I always appreciate getting some fresh air and stretching my legs. There’s something relaxing about breathing in the crisp air (especially on a cloudy days, when there’s a slight breeze but not forceful) that just does something good, you know?

When I go running, I listen to music to keep the motivation up. When I go walking, I don’t, and just being completely available to your own thoughts and God just has a different vibe to it that I never really knew before.

I went for a small walk earlier this morning, and it was a bit rainy but it was so nice! Admittedly, I listened to some orchestral music but it suited the weather.

This morning I also made some savoury muffins (who doesn’t like a good savoury muffin am I right am I right) so I’m looking forward to eating all twelve of them for my lunch. Kidding. I mean, I wish I wasn’t kidding, but I am. Okay. On that note I’m going to leave this post…

Sarah xx

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