The Art of Keeping

I know this title doesn’t make heaps of sense, but otherwise it would’ve been too long.

I’ve been writing a teaching and going through my notes. It’s on Thursday, and today is the day that I’m going to practise it using the microphone and PowerPoint slide, just so I can get a feel for the real thing.

In writing these notes, I feel that God has taught me a lot.

What I’ve been thinking about this morning is this: I need to be keeping ‘the main thing’ the main thing.

Let me explain.

With these notes, when I first started writing them and until a week or so ago, I easily got caught up in the process. You know; stressing because they’re not finished, stressing because I haven’t practised, worrying about the ‘what ifs’ (what if no one thinks it’s any good? What if I forget how to talk? What if my hands shake so much I knock the lectern over?)

But a week or so ago I realised that the notes aren’t the main thing. God is. That’s what this is ultimately all about. They’re not my words, they’re His, and the people who hear me teach will take from it what they’re hearts are ready for, and that’s me trusting God that He’s got something to tell them.

It doesn’t matter if I make a mistake. It’s not really about me at all. I’ve never met these people before, they have no idea who I am. But they know God and God knows them.

God knew that I would be doing this teaching, so He’s prepared me for it. If he didn’t want to use it somehow he wouldn’t have put me in this position.

It’s like worship yesterday morning. It’s all about Him anyway. He’s using me and He’s proud of me but He’s the reason. If I lose myself in everything that could go wrong, I forget who I’m doing it for and why I’m doing it.

It can be easy to get caught up in the mechanics of everyday life. But if we keep ‘the main thing’ the main thing, we won’t get lost in the details.

(In case you hadn’t figured it out, God is the main thing, and when He’s not the main thing stress eats me alive.)

My teaching notes have taught me a lot. I could write fifty blog posts about my notes and what I’ve learnt from them (actually, I just might!).

I’m learning to keep God the main thing.

When He’s not, things go pear-shaped.

Sarah xx

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