The Art of Being Motivational

I was scrolling through Pinterest, as you do, when I found the following quote;

“Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly.”

It’s a little cheesy, which I don’t usually appreciate in a good quote. But for some reason this quote is still acceptable in my quote-standards. It has just the right amount of meaning for my life right now and the word caterpillar.  What’s not to like?

I like it because I can relate to it.

This morning I lead worship for the first proper time (introducing it and with a prayer at the end and everything!) and I’m 100% God planned it to happen at the perfect time.

Sometimes we can feel like we’re not moving forward or we’re not stepping out enough. We’re like that caterpillar who’s sluggish, not very attractive, bottom of the chain, etc. There are many unflattering phrases I can use for a caterpillar.

But when we have our butterfly moment?


I’m not suggesting becoming a butterfly happens over night or in a second. Whilst I’m no expert on caterpillars or butterflies, I know that it takes time. I wasn’t suddenly able to lead. I feel like this has been a moment that’s been building for a long (long long) time.

We have to get used to using our wings. We can’t just fly to the top of the mountain. We have to take small steps.

Okay, this is becoming way too cliché, even for me. I’m going to stop us there. But you get my point, don’t you?

Good. Then I don’t need to go on.

Don’t be afraid of being a caterpillar for a season, but don’t get so comfortable that you don’t ever fly. (I’m cringing, but I can’t stop typing out these cheesy words. What’s taking over me!? Promise not to judge.)

Sarah xx

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