The Art of Having a Balcony Day

I slept in, had a hot shower, made myself a chai, then sat down on my balcony.

My room has a lovely balcony overlooking the gardens, and I sat there in the sun with my chai with my journal and my bible. It was lovely. It was warm even though it’s winter and the view was beautiful and I felt peaceful despite my impending night.

The night before I wrote one thing on my to-do list: Have a balcony day, because I knew it would energise me and recharge me. I knew God would give me the rest I needed. Which He did.

I sat out there listening to worship music for some of the time and the other part just talking to God. It was lovely, because I was stressing over my teaching.

Oh look, what an amazingly subtle way of sliding into a blog post about my teaching.

Well, campers, I have to tell you, it was one of the best things of my life.

It was so much fun! It went really well. The crowd I was teaching to were very responsive (they made sad-noises at appropriate testimony points, they laughed at my jokes, they made comments to my rhetorical questions) and made it easy to feel comfortable.

And campers; my hands didn’t even shake! Usually my hands shake when I’m nervous, but I was just super comfortable and no shaking happened! How wonderfully great!

So praise the Lord that He knows what He’s doing and that He uses us to do amazing things.

Why do I let myself stress out over things that turn out okay anyway?

Sarah xx

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