At Home: Peace Renewed

It is easy to feel calm when life is going well. When we are on top of our tasks and don’t have any looming deadlines. It is easy to find rest when our days are consistent and simple.

But this isn’t always our reality, is it?

What about remaining peaceful when we feel the need to defend ourselves, when the demands of our to-do list and the people around us seem too much for the hours in the day? Peace amidst the stress, when we are busy, or when the unexpected happens, is harder to hold onto.

I confess, in the past week I have found it easy to become negative. There has been a big change in my workplace and with change comes the temptation to complain, gossip, and grow resentful. Change is not always easy even if it is for the best.

This last week, I have been listening to “the old man”. That is, my sinful nature before Christ became alive in me. Had I acted out of “the new man”, I would not have gone home on Friday evening feeling so small. Negativity has a way of doing that to us, have you noticed?

I knew something needed to change. Not in the situation, but in myself.

So often my home life parallels my spiritual life… when I am feeling negative, I am unmotivated to care for the home. When I am not handing uncertainties over to God, I want to be lazy and not tackle my to-do list.

Yet when I am prayerful and alert in the mornings, the rest of my day is directed by God’s hand, with His peace. I have the space to do His will and to praise Him as I go about the tasks that need doing. I am motivated, creative, content. I am trusting and at ease.

This weekend, I have enjoyed shedding the negativity, the uncertainty. There has been a desire to stay on top of the practical tasks that need doing as well as to feed the creative. There has been delight in the simple things amidst a workplace situation that is out of my control.

Yesterday, I cleaned out my pantry. Wiped down the shelves, went through the food I no longer eat. I made a note of what I need to stock up on and what I could give away. I was able to bring love back into this house and I look around with wonder once more. I feel renewed in my spirit and in my home.

I have sewn some bunting for my bedroom and have been making my way through some cross-stitches. I know not everyone sees the point in these small acts that seem to hold no purpose and that take so much time. But it is here I am reminded of God’s mercies that are new every morning. It is here I am reminded of the beauty He has given us even though we let Him down.

I pray to be a vessel of Christ this week. To no longer be filled with my own grumbling but to be overflowing with Christ. To love as He loves.

I am refreshed and pray that God might use me. I pray I continue to move out of the way and let Him act. He is not surprised by what is happening. Everything can be used for His good. May I let that happen.

Sarah xx

8 thoughts on “At Home: Peace Renewed

  1. Such a timely post. Beautifully written and thought out as always. 🙂 I love how anything we do, even the seemingly mundane tasks can be done for the Glory of God. It reminds me of Colossians 3:17. We have so many opportunities to honor the Lord with our actions, thoughts, and words- The ending of this post touched my heart, I pray to do the same! 🤎

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