God Invented Metaphors

Yesterday I realised something – something I already knew but was made even more aware of:

God created poetry. Imagination. Stories, words, books. He invented metaphors.

For the past few years I’ve been keenly aware that God is creative, that we are creative, and that when we create, He meets us there. Creativity is a great tool in hearing from God and connecting with our spirit.

But I recognized this further after writing some poetry yesterday. Some part of me wondered if I was being too metaphoric. I wondered if I should write in a more obvious way.

God gently reminded me that He created poetry and metaphors and He loves it when I express myself in such a way.

Yes, there is a time for something to be plainly stated. But there is also a place for the expression of myself in lines that are not. I love metaphors, God loves metaphors, He loves that I love metaphors.

I’ve been writing poetry for a collection I’m hoping to publish one day. When I scroll through the document, there is a variety of expression. Some poems are specific and don’t hold much room for interpretation. Others are completely metaphoric, and of course no one will read it exactly as I wrote it.

Isn’t that part of the beauty of poetry?

Slowly, this collection is growing. After collating some of my old poems, I’m now at the point of writing new ones, and so far the words escape easily. Turns out I have a lot to say. Turns out I no longer want to leave things unsaid, inside.

Sometimes words need breath, and that is what I’m giving them.

Sarah xx

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