The End of Autumn

Today was the most beautiful clear day, lulling me into thinking winter won’t be thaaat bad. But I was sitting in the sun, and now I’m back home and it’s chilly so I’m drinking a delicious vanilla chai which will warm me inside out.

Winter will be the beginning of numerous things, like my sister having a baby (you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be calling her/him a little bean or puffin at every opportunity) and me going to university.

It’s weird to think I’ll be a student once more, and beginning a degree at the same time many friends are graduating. It doesn’t phase me, only makes me ponder how everyone’s lives carry different timing and how I’m glad God is in control because I would be nowhere without Him.

When I first left high school I didn’t want to go to university and study something I wasn’t completely sure about. I had several options due to early entry acceptance, but the timing wasn’t right.

Even now, despite choosing to study, there’s no particular job calling my name. But I’ll be gaining knowledge, qualifications, and perhaps a clearer idea of work in the future.

I’ll be learning all the writing things and I’ll work hard and the end isn’t in sight but it doesn’t have to be because this is a beginning and I’m excited. I’ll be studying a Bachelor of Arts and someone said that’s a good option if you don’t have direction, but I do have direction and I also have some happy and one day I’ll have a degree.

My direction might not look like much. Becoming an author might be unattainable. But I’m building toward something and that something is myself.

When I look back on this year, I’ll remember how the little bean was born and how I read 100 books. I’ll remember how I enrolled in something I never thought I would and how I grew and changed with the seasons.

Spring is the season of fresh starts, but winter’s starting with a bang.

Sarah xx

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