Spring Writing

My days smell like spring which is lovely but I’ve discovered a problem.

Spring is motivating for writing because the sun is warm on my back and everything smells fresh and new and clean and I don’t have to wear a thousand layers just to feel my toes. But I feel like writing so I keep on writing but I’m writing my novel which I was meant to be saving for NaNoWriMo.

I have 6,000 words which means either a) I’ll need another novel idea for NaNo or b) I write 50,000 words to add to this novel.

Technically I don’t have to do anything, but I do want to try the whole 50,000 word thing in a month to see what it’s like. But if by November I’ve already written 40,000 words of this novel then I might not be able to add 50,000 words. My previous novel was 70,000 words, but when I edited it I got it back down to 60,000. I don’t want to write words just for the sake of it, but because they mean something.

In a way this is a nice problem to have. Whilst I haven’t written an outline or a full plot idea, I feel it coming along, which is encouraging. A part of me was worried my previous novel was the only idea I’d ever have, so the fact I can write new characters and new settings is a relief.

Still, I’ll keep writing and see where it takes me. November is still a fair while away, though with the year flying past as it is November could literally be here tomorrow.

Wow. It’s late.

I haven’t been up this late for weeks and I don’t quite know how it’s happened. After falling asleep before ten each night (thank you, 6am morning routine), I can’t figure out how I’m feeling pretty normal right now. I was just working on my novel – and I think part of the problem is my main light is still on. Usually at 8:30pm I turn my light off and use my lamp, which gets me in the mood for sleeping. My body knows that it’s unwind time, and I journal and read my Bible.

This hasn’t happened. I’ve just been on my laptop and now my eyes are feeling a bit achy. That’s not good. Eh, I’ll fall asleep and they’ll recover on their own.

Today I wrote about 2,500 words so I’m feeling happy despite my quickly-crumbling-energy-levels. I think blogging about being awake at 11:30pm made my brain have a moment of realisation that this is late what are we doing. When I’m writing I don’t tend to notice the time, but now I’ve stopped it’s catching up.

Good times, good chat, goodnight.

Sarah xx

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