Updates, Mostly

Blogging is the last thing I’ve felt like doing.

I don’t know why. I get ideas, sometimes, but the thought of expanding on them is painful.

I haven’t done much on my novel as of late either. Occasionally I open up the word document and try to add a sentence or edit a chapter but it’s slow going and I don’t feel inspired in the least.

I suppose in life you do go through stages of what you’re spending more time on and what you feel like doing. Sewing happens in bursts. Baking happens in fewer bursts. But writing has been going so strong all year. Until now.

I’m reading less, too. I haven’t gone to the library in a few months and the books I’m reading right now aren’t drawing me in (looking at you, Wuthering Heights). I went into a bookstore earlier this week and nothing stood out to me. Simply put, I don’t feel like it.

Is it because I’ve started working? I think blogging was this uninspired before I got my job, so that’s not a good enough answer. And volunteering is only a few hours a week, so I don’t think that’s the cause either.

I’m sure I could force it more and end up with something, but it’s not quite the same. I enjoy blogging when it flows easily.

Well. Other updates?

Because I’m going out every day other than Saturday (can you believe it!?), I’ve been driving a lot more. I quite enjoy it. Partly because I don’t live in the city so it’s not hectic and stressful, and partly because it takes me 20 minutes to get anywhere. It’s the perfect amount of time to listen to the best songs on an album, and even though it’s been cold outside it’s warm in the car so two thumbs up for that.

I’m going to sleep earlier because I’m waking up earlier and it’s the best feeling. I wake up in the morning with time to do things and it feels so much nicer than waking up late. I’m definitely a morning person, though I do enjoy the odd sleep in. Since I’ve been working I value my time out of work more, so my life feels more ordered than wasteful.

I sewed on those clasps for my quilt last week, so my blanket actually stays in the doona cover. You’ll all be happy I’m staying toasty during the night. I sewed them on whilst watching a TV show called “The Great British Sewing Bee”, which is one of my top three TV shows. It’s like a reality cooking show, only with sewing. It’s actually brilliant.

Well, I think I might clean my desk. Not because it’s cluttered, but because I spilled some tea on it. Classic Sarah am I right am I right.

Sarah xx

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