Early Mornings

I have always been a morning person. When I wake up at ten I feel like my day is half gone and I’m not good at motivating myself after three in the afternoon. Nights are for sleeping and mornings are for getting things done.

Before I got a job, I slept in most mornings. But even though I was getting enough sleep, I still woke up feeling a lil’ stale. (Does that happen to anyone else? You feel a bit stale when your sleep isn’t quite right?)

Now that I’m back to waking up early (6:30, campers) I’ve lost the stale thing. Sure, it’s dark and cold and difficult to get up, but once I’m up I feel goooood. It’s also implemented earlier sleep, which is better for me.

Whilst waking up early has been pretty alright, Friday afternoons feel extra relaxing because I don’t have to set an alarm the next morning. I finally understand why people love Fridays, though I don’t find the thought of Monday particularly torturous.

I’m waking up to the dark and cold, but it’s dark and cold all day so that’s not saying much. I didn’t catch any glimpse of sun yesterday, and today the first appearance was on the way to work, when I didn’t have my sunglasses at the ready.

Despite the sun ambushing me, it was beautiful.

It was foggy for the first ten minutes of the drive and I had my lights on so people knew not to crash into me. And then the sun just kind of burst out of nowhere, but you could look directly into it because it was covered by thin clouds. Not that I, you know, looked directly into the sun because that’s, you know, bad. But it was amazing. It suddenly filtered in through the fog, giving the nature around me (albeit fairly dry, brown nature) a hazy appearance.

You know me; I’m not one to notice nature all the time. I love flowers, but big rubbery ones freak me out a little bit.

But I noticed nature this morning.

I couldn’t see anything around me; it felt like I was in a bubble, and the only person alive. Then bam, the world around me lightened and let itself be seen. Trees, grass, dams; they were all just there.

What a good start to the day.

Sarah xx

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