June Camper

It’s winter, hoorah! The people rejoice!

So what’s happening this June, I hear you ask?

1/ Birthday celebrations

This camper is turning twenty one in under two weeks. It’s come around so quick; usually your birthday is something that’s always in the distance, you know? Well it’s nearly here and I don’t know what to do with this information.

Get. Keen.

2/ Work it

I got a job! And I start this month, so that’s exciting. It’ll be nice to be doing something, though I’m not sure how high blogging will be on my priority list.

As much as I’d love to be writing three (or more) blog posts a week, I think just aiming for one or two a week will be easier to manage. If I can write more I definitely will, but I don’t want to say I can do more than I actually can at this point. But let’s see how I go; maybe I’ll write more than I did in May.

3/ Church-Birch

(I don’t know why I felt the need to rhyme, but it came naturally so I can’t get rid of it now)

Church, church, church. I’ve said that word in my head too many times now so it doesn’t look real any more. Church. What is this church. It sounds weird. Church. Church.

Alright Sarah, calm down.

I want to get into a good habit of going every week. Now that I’ve started going to the young adults group at the church, it feels a little easier to go to church every week. It’s always fine when I get there, but before I always feel a lack of motivation. It’s just something I need to do, regardless of how I feel because otherwise I won’t ever feel more comfortable in going.

4/ Embroidery

I haven’t sewn in ages. I want to, and I feel like it, but there are no big sewing projects I feel like doing right now. Because I’m in the mood for a bit of sewing, I think I’ll just do some smaller hand-sewing projects, like embroidering a pillowcase or tablecloth. Something small I can do without thinking too hard about; something I can do whilst watching a movie, that kind of thing.

5/ Podcasts

I’ve talked about podcasts before, but not since last year. I’ve recently gotten into them again and subscribed to a few channels that I haven’t listened to before. Podcasts are actually amazing; I can’t get over how much I enjoy listening to something that’s not music, and without visual. It’s a relaxing activity; I like listening to podcasts before bed, when I wake up, because you can listen without doing anything else or you can do something else, like cleaning, or sewing!

6/ Reading what I’ve written

My novel. That thing I talk about more than I work on it, probably.

I have definitely made good progress; I can see a finish line in the distance.

I technically finished it a couple months ago, but it was only 40,000 words. After going through that copy, I made a lot of editing notes to lengthen it whilst making it more concise, which has led us to the 70,000 word version.

It’s kind of done, but now I’m reading through it completely, which I haven’t actually done before, so that will lead to some more editing, and then it will be done. (Before it’s edited again, and again, and again.)

In reading it, I’ve made it into a PDF, emailed it to myself, and read it on my phone. This is because reading it off my laptop puts me in writer mode, so I end up skimming. By reading it on my phone, in a different font, I feel like a reader. It means I can read it not from the perspective of knowing the ending, but trying to see the characters as they are in that moment, not their future selves.

7/ Sing!

I’m starting to lead singing at the school I volunteer at; they hold chapel services and there’s usually two songs, so that’ll be fun.

8/ Sims 4

This is kind of embarrassing but life is too short to not tell the internet world you play Sims 4 instead of writing blog posts.


Sims is one of those games I go through stages with. I won’t play it for three months, but then I’ll binge play for two weeks (by binge play, I mean I put waaaay too many hours into lives that aren’t real), get sick of it, and stop playing for another couple of months.

It’s a viciously wonderful cycle.

Such is the life of June.

I’m pretty excited. Not excited for the moment of cold when you step out of the shower, but besides that; excited.

Sarah xx

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