Prologue / Short Story

I recently talked about writing prompts and how I should post more of my short stories onto my blog. They’re not used for anything else (except my own enjoyment, of course, but do I ever go back and read them? Rarely.) and I like the thought of being more creative on my blog. Not just talking about my day, but showing more of what I do in my spare time (which I have a lot of these days). And I think, just like it’s been such a growth and learning curve to write a blog and to have written everyday for a year, it’ll be a growth to post fiction that I write, not just fact.

I did quite a lot of planning for my novel today, just to make sure it’s on the right track and to make sure it’s not moving too fast. But after doing all of that, I felt like writing something short that’s unrelated to my novel; just something to write without the pressure of making it fit into a chapter.

So I pulled out a writing prompt from my envelope of ideas, and what I pulled out simply said “a prologue”. So I wrote a prologue! It’s short, only about 260 words, but I enjoyed writing it without knowing the story that came after. It’s not attached to anything, it’s just a random idea I got, so I wrote it. I have no idea if I’ll ever use it for anything (it definitely doesn’t go with the novel that I’m currently trying to write) but it was fun just to see what I thought of. And I like how unknown the rest of the story is; I have no idea where it could go if I chose to keep writing it!

And one thing I love about prompts is, if I reused this prompt of “a prologue” in two weeks time, what I would come up with would be completely different. Cool, huh?

So here it is. A short prologue.

I have seen many things.

The night sky, oncoming dawn, blooming roses, shimmering lakes, one falling for another, kids riding bicycles, girls running along the shore.
I have seen many things.

But what we need to learn is the difference between seeing and experiencing, hearing and understanding.

By now, what happened has been published in the paper. My story, but not my side of the story, written for the world to read in 500 words or less. What has been published is merely someone else’s speculation, the story that they thought would sell. Words that exaggerate my behaviour, that assume my thoughts. Words that help you see but not experience, words that you can hear but not understand.

Stories have to be savoured. Words have to be tasted, thrown around your mind for a few moments before swallowing, and seeing how they sit in your heart. The story that’s in the paper, it’s too quick. It’s over in a second. What happened can’t be summed up and experienced in 500 words.

What happened was slow, like drawing out your favourite book so it’s not over too soon, so you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Like reading each single letter as important rather than excessive.

That’s how I want you to read my story. Slowly, carefully, savouring every sentence. Each word has been chosen because it means something, because it builds on the word before it. Don’t reach the ending too quickly or you won’t understand.

I have experienced many things, and by writing them down, you can experience them too.

Anyway, there is a glimpse into a part of my day. It didn’t take too long write, and it’s veeery short, considering most of the short stories I write are between 1,000 and 8,000 words, but I still wrote it thoughtfully.

Well, campers. I hope you all had a good day. Let’s see where these writing prompts take us, hey?

Sarah xx

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