Speaking of Haloumi

If any of you guessed that today would be haloumi day, you guessed right! Your prize is the knowledge that you are now in the running to be a haloumi king or queen. Well done.

For lunch I fried some haloumi as a side, and it was incredibly easy. Slice haloumi, place haloumi in a dry frying pan on high, let haloumi sizzle there for a couple of minutes until liquid is released (during this time I turned the heat down to medium), then flip haloumi. It tastes the same whether or not it’s golden, but if you leave it an extra minute or so it’ll turn golden and look prettier. Texture remains pretty much the same though.

It was so good, I’m so happy with my fried haloumi.

In other news (which I don’t think I’ve shared) I did finish sewing my chicken shorts (a little while ago), as well as a wall-hanging. My chicken shorts turned out well, and I think the wall-hanging turned out well too, though a little uneven at the bottom because I made it up rather than following a pattern.

My chicken shorts nearing completion (aww yeah boi)

When I’m sewing something small, like a wall-hanging or a book cover I tend to just make it up because it shouldn’t be too hard, whilst when sewing things like shorts (so any clothing, basically) I follow a pattern because I don’t think I could make it up and have it look good and fit me. Clothes have some technical sewing-skills that I just couldn’t think of on the spot to do, but would only work if I followed it from a pattern.

Something that I enjoyed about my wall-hanging (which is really a cupboard hanging, I suppose) is that I was able to use a skirt I bought second-hand years ago that was too small to wear.

I used the skirt’s main fabric as the second pocket on my wall-hanging, and used the waistband at the top of the wall-hanging, which I then threaded ribbon through to hang it off my cupboard.

I was also able to use the cute wooden buttons from the skirt in decorating the wall hanging once all the machine-sewing was finished.

I think my shadow really adds to the photo
Finished product

One of my friends and I send letters to each other every few weeks (we started corresponding this way two years ago), and I keep them all in my wall-hanging. At first I didn’t know what to put in the pockets (they’re not quite A4 size), but then I remembered that I kept the letters shoved into a box of memorabilia (you know the sort; school books from when I was ten, birthday cards over the years, weird notes from my friends in high school, old artwork, etc.) and I always felt like they didn’t really belong in there. They’re recent letters, and to have them all in one place now with easy access is very satisfactory.

So, all in all, I think recent times have been good; sewing and haloumi. Hip-hip-hooray!

Sarah xx

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