The Art of Adjusting

What’s scarier than the adventure is sometimes coming home after the adventure.

Before going and doing something new, there can be doubts and fears because it’s new and awkward and you don’t know what to expect and it could all go terribly wrong and taking a risk is hard and – I could go on and on.

But that’s not the scariest part.

Okay, so maybe in the moment that’s the scariest part. But then comes the looming ‘afterwards’.

Because once you’ve done something exciting, adventurous, new, what happens when you go back to your life?

There’s a fear of returning back to an unchallenging routine, of not being able to use all that you’ve learnt and apply it to your everyday life.

I’m moving in December.

I’ll move back home, feeling like a pretty changed person. And other people would have grown too, no doubt, in the two years I’ve been gone. But what if what I’ve learnt on this two year adventure I struggle with applying into my upcoming-new-yet-normal life?

It’ll take a lot of adjusting.

I’m excited for the new season, the new chapter, the new beginning, the new year, the new whatever other cliché things you can think of. I’m excited to spread my wings and – too far?

Sarah xx

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