The Art of Timing

I find God’s timing to be all kinds of mysterious amazingness. And yet I continue to box Him in. Why do I do that when I’ve seen Him work beyond the measures of time?

I feel like God has done ‘more’ in me and revealed more to me in the past month than He has in the entire year.

I know that this is a big call, and I’m sure that I needed to journey through the year leading up to this because otherwise I wouldn’t have been ready to deal with what I have been in the past few weeks.

It’s amazing though, isn’t it?

How I’ve assumed that not much at all can happen because I’ve only got a few weeks left of living here. And then God comes along and does big things that I wasn’t expecting. It takes my breath away, all that He is capable of. And I continue to hope that I am proved wrong when I box Him into my assumptions.

I love it when God proves us wrong. Or proves us right. When we step out in faith and He pulls through and our faith is only strengthened more. We see such a small picture and think we know His next move, but in reality we don’t have much of a clue, because He knows so much more than us. I mean, He’s outside of time! He knows it all! He literally knows it all!

Will I ever stop learning this lesson? Probably not 😉

Sarah xx

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