On the Horizon

Winter is so, so close, and I’m excited. I think by now we’ve established my love for the changing seasons, and the atmosphere that each one brings.

Winter carries woolly socks, hot chocolate, and standing in front of the fire. It offers knitted jumpers and knitted beanies and knitted blankets. The cold air justifies the need for tea and cake, and there’s nothing better than walking briskly down the street in a bunchy coat before walking indoors and being welcomed by heat.

The past few months have been mild. Usually by this time I’m wrapped in scarf and beanie and glove; instead I’ve got the window open and I’m listening to music that sounds like summer.

But nighttime begins during the day and I’m waking up under a heavy blanket. We can’t ignore that winter is on the horizon, and with it endless possibilities. Or, in the least, a good book.

Sarah xx

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