The Art of Collaging

I’ve spent my early afternoon making a collage.

It’s one of my favourite things to do. There’s something relaxing about it, because you get to choose pictures (I tend to either scan Pinterest or cut out magazines) and that takes time. But it’s a nice process.

Depending on what kind of collage I’m making depends on how I do it. Sometimes I randomly choose pictures that stand out to me, and then when it’s over God speaks to me about why I’ve chosen what I have. But other times I choose a theme before I start, wanting to choose pictures or Bible verses about one thing that’s been on my heart.

This morning I made a collage about love. I chose Bible verses about God’s love and pictures that spoke to me in regards to that topic.

What I like about it is you don’t really have to think about it. And what you do think about is the small things, not the big things. I like thinking about where to place a picture. It can keep you occupied for a long time, putting a collage together. But not in a bad way.

I think what I like about it is that it’s a visual of what’s going on. Two months ago I made a collage about painful things in my life. To see it visually in front of me made me see things in a different way. And because it’s creative, your spirit connects with it and God speaks through what you’ve done, even if when you choose a picture you don’t understand why.

I like looking back at my past collages. I like seeing the things that didn’t necessarily make sense at the time but now do. I like seeing how God spoke to me at that time and how I’ve grown since then.

Sometimes collages don’t end up being pretty. Other times they’re gorgeous. I like collages regardless.

Sarah xx

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