Writing: Fiction / Book Recs

For today's blog post I thought I'd recommend three novels that surround writing. In each book our protagonist is an aspiring writer of sorts. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell Part of this book's appeal is Rainbow Rowell's gorgeous writing. It's a book I continuously turn to when I want relaxation, inspiration, entertainment, beauty. Every box is … Continue reading Writing: Fiction / Book Recs

Return of Wuthering Heights

In preparation for starting university next month, I’ve bought the prescribed books for my unit on literature and society. God must have a sense of humour, because one of those mandatory bad boys is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. For those familiar with this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been struggling to read that book … Continue reading Return of Wuthering Heights

Easy to Read Classics / Book Recs

While I read some Jane Austen when I was a teenager, I only truly enjoyed reading her work as an adult. As a teenager I struggled to understand the different characters and their connections, the language, the complexity of social norms, etc. (And that went for many other classics, not just Austen.) Everyone loves to … Continue reading Easy to Read Classics / Book Recs

Writing: Non-Fiction / Book Recs

The following three book recommendations are about writing, though each one is entertaining as well as educational. Two of them are memoirs, in which writing plays a natural part in the story, but you don’t need to be a writer to learn through their life experiences and discipline to their craft. On Writing by Stephen … Continue reading Writing: Non-Fiction / Book Recs