Uni Updates

I feel like I haven’t sat down and written a blog post in a while. I have the usual poems and book reviews, but not something chatty, or thoughtful. I’ve been busy, which I know is the excuse that causes the response of, you’re never too busy to write, or, you prioritise what you care … Continue reading Uni Updates

finding contentment in a bookstore

I don’t know that I’ve spoken about it specifically, but I’ve been working at a bookstore for the last five months. When people find out there’s usually one of two responses; either, “that’s the best job, you’re surrounded by books all day!” or “retail is the worst, what do you plan on doing in the … Continue reading finding contentment in a bookstore

Rewriting the Past

I am constantly torn between writing what comes naturally and what takes more time. What comes naturally? Nostalgia. The past. What takes more time? Hope. Relief. As I’ve mentioned, there is nothing wrong with writing about the past, or those things that aren’t so pleasant. Writing amidst sadness helps me process and move on, and … Continue reading Rewriting the Past

A New Project

In this post, I mentioned that I had started writing a new novel. And I’m excited. It feels different to all the other stories I’ve written; but then again, starting a new project usually does. There are so many possibilities. It’s the feeling that this could be the one! But part of me really does … Continue reading A New Project