This week, as I told my siblings, I have been an adult with delicious food. (Actually, in the message it was all in caps, but that might scare off potential readers.) My parents have been away, which brings with it the freedom to experiment in the kitchen and quietly throw anything away that doesn’t turn … Continue reading EGG

Eco-Friendly Implementation

Since Sunday’s post I’ve been thinking about ways I can implement more eco-friendly steps at work. On Monday I made myself a recycling-box, as that was an issue area for me, but there’s more I can be doing. Here’s what I’ve thought of so far: 1/ Buy local where possible. (Okay, this isn’t specifically eco-friendly, … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Implementation

Environmental Accountability

Lately I’ve been re-inspired by all things eco-friendly and minimal. Not that I ever stopped being interested, and I haven’t ‘forgotten’ to be more aware of waste, but after the initial excitement of researching something new, it’s easy to push it to the back of your mind. The other day I bought some Australian-made, organic, … Continue reading Environmental Accountability