Fishing / Poem

Fishing (written by Sarah Bennett) Someone gives me a compliment I did not ask for, And you say I’m fishing for it. Only I did not want what I caught, I did not eat what I caught, I threw it back into the ocean Where every other nice word said about me Has sunk to … Continue reading Fishing / Poem

Spring / Poem

Spring (Written by Sarah Bennett) There’s washing on the line and a poem in my heart, A fullness of joy that’s been in hiding. Was I the one who sent it away? There are walks to be had and flowers to plant, The sun filters through the windows, shining. A slow, happy day. Interestingly, I … Continue reading Spring / Poem

Autumn / Poem

Autumn (written by Sarah Bennett) autumn always feels the same / or / I always feel the same in autumn / stepping out into the evening is a swirling of loneliness / not the hopeless kind / the matter-of-fact kind / this does not scare me anymore / it’s like returning to an old friend … Continue reading Autumn / Poem

Gone / Poem

In this post I mentioned how I took some old blog posts and turned them into poems. Here’s the second one, rewritten from this post. Again, I didn’t change too much, mostly just the format. Although I didn't include the entire post but contained it so the poem conveys one message. Gone (Written by Sarah … Continue reading Gone / Poem

Jesus / Poem

Jesus (written by Sarah Bennett) Someone once asked if Jesus died from a bullet. They knew nothing of a cross, of the torture that lasted hour upon hour. They knew nothing of the cost or the blood of the Lamb. They thought He died in a second, Not knowing He was born to be sacrificed. … Continue reading Jesus / Poem