April 2023 Reads

Children at Green Meadows and Secret of Moon Castle by Enid Blyton

These were two books I never read as a kid, and I enjoyed them immensely. Enid Blyton’s stories are so entertaining and made me not want to put the books down! Children at Green Meadows is a comedic story of a family who, though poor, end up caring for many different animals and trying to keep it a secret. Secret of Moon Castle was mysterious and intriguing and kept me guessing until the very end. Both creative and original. 4 and 3.5 stars.

Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George

I’ve been reading this for the past couple of months during my quiet time. While some aspects I find too task oriented, overall I appreciated the reminder of what is important in our lives, and how to keep our priorities as… priorities. It’s good to stop and reflect on what is taking up time and space in our lives, and if these things are where they should be. 4 stars.

Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh

In all honesty, I wanted to buy this book on the premise of the title. And then the pretty cover. And then I read what it was about, and I was intrigued. While I enjoyed the premise more than the execution, I’m glad to have read another classic. It also led me to buying Decline and Fall, which I am enjoying more so than this one! 3.5 stars.

Winged Life by Hannah Hurnard

Another book I read on and off during my quiet times and contained little gems of wisdom. I took photos of some pages to remind myself of what held importance at the time of reading. Hannah Hurnard had a gentle way of writing, yet in a way that gets to the heart of the matter surrounding our thought life and loving God and others. 4 stars.

Happy reading!

Sarah xx

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