A Slow Sunday

I have minestrone soup in the slow cooker and sweet potato in the oven. While the soup is for my lunches at work this week, I am about to enjoy the sweet potato as a Sunday snack.

I’ve poured myself a cup of tea, which reminds me of how I used to blog. Autumn has that affect on me; it reminds me of the past and feels like coming home. I am savouring each moment as both the nostalgia and newness of life remind me that God has all things in His hand.

Now that I am settled here, I find God calling me to dig in. To dig in with vulnerability and courage with myself and with those around me. In the busyness of life, it is easy to ignore what is beneath the surface, but there are things rising that I want to sit with. Like how I got here, and what to do now. While I believe God has me here for a reason, there are still unknowns.

Of course, not every answer is made clear to us. There will always be a level of stepping out in faith when we cannot see the reason why or the outcome God has in mind. There are so many mysteries that will not be answered on this earth. But I have a desire to do the right thing, to obey.

As I sit here with my questions, a warm breeze cuts through the house. It is strong and feels like it is clearing out the old and bringing in the new. I will enjoy coming home after church this evening to a space that has been aired out and renewed. Soon, I will fold the laundry and wash the dishes. These small things will always need to be done, and I welcome the soft rhythm they bring.

Another working week is on the horizon. I pray God will remind me to slow down and seek Him, to knock at the door and wait. The word wait is heavy with meaning… sometimes it feels like I am all too familiar with it. Yet God is good and worthy of more than I could ever give. I think this autumn will be a good one, too.

Sarah xx

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