Writing Refresh

In the last six months, I haven’t written much outside of my blog. While I have wanted to, nothing ever stuck.

I justify this by remembering I used so much energy in the move, settling in, and learning a new job. I was tired emotionally, mentally, and physically. There was a lot of change and getting used to a new routine takes time. Figuring out when I would do certain things, even those that seem small, took time.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had a few word documents with phrases and vague ideas of plot that were intended as novels. I was motivated to write, but the actual writing was a struggle.

But recently an idea for a novel came to me. While I haven’t been as disciplined with my writing as I would like, it has a strong sense of direction. Something has clicked once more and I am reminded of why I want to be a writer.

I forgot I had a day off work today, due to the public holiday. I thought of all the ways I could fill today – cleaning, cooking, playing sims. While each of these will happen to an extent, I am sure, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to get a good chunk of writing done and really settle into my new story.

My hopes are to spend time writing every morning. I have a relatively stable morning routine, but if I ever sleep in (until seven thirty, say) there wouldn’t be a solid time for writing that didn’t feel rushed and concerned about the other things that need to get done. I am looking at today as a sort of reset and motivator, both preparing myself for waking up early tomorrow and spending time writing, as well as bringing me the excitement that comes from working solidly on a story. I haven’t had this feeling for a long time.

I’ve been reading more lately, if that has any part in all of this. I ordered a few holiday-centred novels before Christmas which have been slowly trickling in since New Year, and I’ve enjoyed reading some cosy novels before bed. (No matter it’s not Christmas anymore!)

I have also been more open about my goals. I no longer feel shy or embarrassed when people ask me what I want to do, or how I spend my time. I have met those who also have creative pursuits and projects, and it makes me feel at home. It’s nice to know we aren’t alone in our hopes for the future, no matter how impossible they might seem. To see others doing what they love is a joy.

Maybe it’s something about growing older, but I feel much more free in what I’m writing about now. Where I used to feel the need to write about what other people would want to read (whatever that even is!), my new novel is about making a home! Which tells me that perhaps creativity flows when we are doing what we actually care about, not when it feels forced or made for the wrong reasons.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes; ideally I would be finishing the first draft within the year, which is definitely possible if I remain disciplined. Let’s see how we go…

Sarah xx

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