At Home: to move quietly

I admit, there are times when I do not have a good attitude. When the things that need to be done are done with grumbling and frustration. While I can look around my home and find joy, there are also times when it all feels too much and I wish someone else could cook dinner for me!

Something I want to learn more this year is to have a contentment through all the ups and downs… to move through tasks with patience. For the work of my hands to be done out of love. To take care, to be gentle. These tasks, no matter how small or simple, are important. They matter a great deal. And our thoughts while we accomplish them matter.

When a task must be done every week, that is a lot of time spent in annoyance, spent complaining, spent hating the responsibilities God has given me.

I long to move through life with gentleness… to quietly get on with things… to be tender and caring in all I do… I believe there is great reward when we begin to act out of contentment rather than bitterness. I believe it can transform our homes and the people around us. To be a positive influence is a great responsibility and one that is necessary.

How many workplaces are overtaken by gossip and complaints? They become toxic to be in. The atmosphere is heavy, the work is not done with pride. People are not cared for.

I often pray for there to be joy in my workplace. For there to be peace. While there is a time and a place to resolve tensions and discuss things appropriately, gossip should never be on the agenda. Complaining does not help a situation.

I have found myself at the centre of gossip numerous times – it is an uncomfortable feeling. In the past, gossip was partly why I left a job and social circle. At my current job, which I feel called to be in long-term, I try to stay out of the drama. I try to move quietly through my tasks – though of course at times it is difficult. I’m learning! Let’s see how we go…

Sarah xx

7 thoughts on “At Home: to move quietly

  1. aaah, this is so true- contentment is a wonderful thing to begin cultivating 🤍 I love the “to take care and to be gentle”idea of living. also wishing you the best at your workplace, praying the peace stays there! 🙂

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  2. Oh gosh Sarah—I can truly empathize! I know how it feel to drag myself out of my chair to do things that I don’t want to do but must, and when everything feels like a chore, an effort. I finally got sick of that attitude, and asked for help (from whoever or whatever unseen helper might be listening)! Then it felt like a switch flipped and a light went on—and I got the insight that a change of attitude from “have to” to “want to” would be helpful. The difference is remarkable! I am much more energetic, get much more done, it gets done joyfully. If it doesn’t get done, then oh well—it will be done joyfully when I get to it! I wish you joy, and “want to.”

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