December 2022 Reads

I finished the year well! Though I was 48 books off my goal of 100, reading 52 is an achievement. Here is what I read in December.

Heidi by Johanna Spyri: This was such a precious read! I admit, the slow beginning took me a while to get into. But once I was in the world and rooting for Heidi’s little life in the mountains, I didn’t want to stop reading. I love children’s classics because they teach such beautiful lessons and remind me of what it is to live in a joyful, simple manner. The older folk of the story were also a delight. 4 stars.

Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott: I have loved rereading these books. Easy to read and accessible to the average woman, Jennifer’s advice gently calls attention to those areas we can improve in. This is not done in a judgemental way but comes from a place of personal experience; it is enjoyable to read of the journey she went through and the mistakes made along the way. This book is not a call to be perfect, but to live life to the best of our ability. 4.5 stars.

Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson: I borrowed this large book from my mum and immensely enjoyed the early chapters about how the author starts to embrace her clean, hospitable self. While I didn’t pay as much attention to the chapters on cleaning chemicals and caring for certain items in the home, I love the detail she goes into. Each topic is treated with intelligence and accessibility, from how food lasts in the fridge to a weekly cleaning schedule for families of varying sizes. 4.5 stars.

A Snowfall of Silver by Laura Wood: A lively, engaging novel about a young woman in 1931 who chases her dream of being an actress. This was such a light, fun read that I couldn’t put down. The story contains passionate characters who add their own personality to the plot and a lovely romance that blooms under the surface. I loved the vintage details; from the way they dress to the descriptions of the old theatres, this book had everything to captivate me. 5 stars.

Restoration Year by John Eldredge: A year long daily devotional I read in my quiet times, this book had ups and downs. This will happen naturally to some degree depending on my mood and engagement in my quiet time, however, I think it was more about the content than my attitude. There were some big claims made surrounding what comes after this life and what our true restoration looks like in the Lord. While I am not strongly disagreeing with anything the author wrote, I was wary at times and am not sure where He has gotten all of his information, as the Bible verse relating to the daily devotion did not always match with what he was saying. This was particularly the case when a newer translation of the Bible was used; I fear some of the original meaning was lost amidst the fluffy language. 3.5 stars.

Happy reading!

Sarah xx

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