November 2022 Reads

I don’t think I’ll reach my goal of reading 100 books this year. With working full time, my free time is necessary elsewhere! With that being said, I love how intentional my reading has been. I read during my lunch break at work and again before bed. These feel like proper wind-down periods where I can relax. I may not be reaching a goal but I am prioritising something I love to do. I will also crack 50, so that’s not a bad effort!

But to the books I did finish in November…

Wild by Cheryl Strayed: Honestly, I found this disappointing. I had been wanting to read it for years after watching the movie (I know, I know, I watched the movie first). I love books about journeys, and this is the true story of Cheryl who hikes the Pacific Crest Trail after a divorce and the death of her mum. I think my expectations were too high as it felt lacking. It just didn’t end up being my sort of book, even though I thought it would be. 3 stars.

The Little French Bookshop by Cecile Pivot: I love finding little books like this in bookstores; the title grabs your attention and it feels like you’ve found a treasure. This book was a slow, gentle read, told mostly in letters between the main characters. It was charming in a way, but I didn’t fully connect with the characters and didn’t feel compelled to continue reading. 3.5 stars.

Anne’s House of Dreams by LM Montgomery: A classic! I knew Anne wouldn’t let me down. I felt especially engaged with this story as I am very into house related things at the moment. A sweet story that follows Anne into marriage and motherhood, with a funny collection of interesting characters. Even though you might feel sad to leave the familiar faces of her childhood, you end up caring deeply for everyone she meets… As always, there are heartwarming moments and sad moments, all in typical Anne fashion. 4 stars.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah xx

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