The Busy Bullet Journal

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve blogged. I’ve sat down numerous times to write out a post, but I’ve been distracted with everything that’s been going on. Because – I moved!

The exciting and exhausting process has once again been made, only this time I can be settled for a while.

If you didn’t know, I moved in mid-July after living in Sydney for two and a half years. I stayed temporarily with one of my sisters while I found somewhere to live that was close to work. Finding a place was one of those tasks that felt impossible and disappointing, until one day it all happened very quickly and suddenly now I’m here.

I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again, but change can become normal so quickly. The only reason this house still feels new is because my lounge and bed haven’t arrived yet; other than that, it feels natural to be going about my life here.

If you’ve been reading this blog for the past year, you’ll know I’ve been wanting this for a while. Even though Sydney had some good aspects, I never really felt settled or fully comfortable there, for a few different reasons. But now I’m finished with uni and have a full-time job, I feel able to invest in this place more. While the thought of finding a church feels difficult, it’s what I missed in Sydney. (I did try at some point, but after the lockdowns I never got back into it.) I want a community and somewhere I can serve and connect. I’m also much closer to most of my family here, which is another positive.

While it has been tiring, there’s not much I love more than organising (is that sad?). Each day I’ve tackled a little project in this house. When I moved on the weekend, I took everything out of the moving boxes and into their respective cupboards, but I didn’t organise anything neatly. It was more so I could cut down the cardboard boxes and clear the floor. The biggest task will be sorting through the kitchen cupboards and determining where everything will sit. I’ve organised little – but important – spaces like the bathroom vanity, the bedroom cupboards, and my bookcase, but the kitchen will involve a lot more shuffling.

My bullet journal (of course I was going to mention it) has been a big help in keeping track of everything. I have my daily log of tasks, but I’ve also made a checklist of everything I want to do here and major purchases still to be made. Nothing is too urgent, but it’s helpful for me to see what “moving in” tasks remain, and if I have the energy I can slowly trek through them after work. For example, on the list I have items like sort out internet and buy potting mix for my plants (they’re looking a bit sad – I suspect from all the moving) (and the fact I’ve barely watered them since the first move) plus the organising of cupboards, etc. On my moving in shopping list I still need to buy things like a recycling container, a fan, and a dining table (one of these things is not like the other).

I’ve been getting there, though – I bought a lot of “necessary” appliances before I moved, and I owned most of the basics already.

I find this aspect fun. Now that the actual moving is over, I can take things slowly and thoughtfully. I don’t want to fill this house with pieces I don’t need or want. I decluttered before I moved but there were still so many full boxes. I can blame my hobbies – sewing and reading – but I don’t want to accumulate stuff for the sake of it. I’m also looking forward to sewing more pieces for the home instead of buying them – like a table runner, and bunting. I have some beautiful fat quarters (yes that is the technical term!) I bought when I was in the midst of making my Christmas blanket last year.

Speaking of – I can’t wait to crack that out in December! This might sound silly to some, but before I found this place I prayed to God that I would move in time to decorate for Christmas. I don’t think I’ll buy a fake Christmas tree, but I’ll probably plant a little potted one again and hang some decorations on it. I’m looking forward to placing a few Christmas touches around the place – like my Christmas mug and Christmas lights. That was such an enjoyable part of last year and I don’t want to lose that excitement. Maybe I’ll even finish the giant Christmas teddy-bear cross-stitch I started last year!

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself! One step at a time.

I’m looking forward to continuing to blog about my adventures at home, and the trusty bullet journal (lol).

Thank you for reading,

Sarah xx

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