A Spring Weekend

When I stepped out of my car after work yesterday and into the evening air, I could smell some flowers. It was not yet dark but I could see the white glow of the moon surrounded by clouds. Spring is here and I’m excited!

It has been said before and I will be one of the many to say it again, but the change of seasons is so glorious. The crisp, dark nights are warming into sunsets and evening strolls. The flowers will come out, happy and bright. The warmth in the air feels like hope.

While I will be indoors during the day, at my office job, I’m looking forward to being able to “do more” after work due to the lingering light. Walks, gardening, laundry. It is so much easier to do these jobs before the sun sets in spring, unlike in winter when I drive home from work to a darkening sky.

I also can’t deny my joy in being able to wear skirts and dresses without getting too cold. While I love my winter wardrobe, the change is a lovely one.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to going on a couple of walks (if the rain holds off), and maybe reading outside in the sun after I get my jobs done in the morning. I did my meal planning last night (some goodies will be made during the week!) and will go grocery shopping soon. My laundry is in process, soon to be hung out, and I also want to spend time planning and praying about my newsletter.

But the biggest thing I want to complete are my last two assignments. I have been slowly adding to them over the last two weeks, but have not spent a solid amount of time writing up a draft. They are due on the nineteenth but I want to finish them this weekend so I don’t need to think about them next weekend. They are both bigger assignments and one especially seems intimidating, but I know that if I get stuck into it for a couple of hours I should be able to get something decent on the page.

And then I’ll be finished! My last two assignments! It’s encouraging to me that I have been able to prioritise my blog and other creative writing pursuits whilst at uni, and I am more than ready to have even more time I can spend on these things. I have been reading so many poetry books and non-fiction books about writing and I feel so motivated.

Well, the sun keeps appearing and disappearing in between the clouds, but I’m hopeful my laundry will dry before the day is out. And now I think it is time to begin my other tasks!

Sarah xx

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