A Lizard’s Song / Poem

A Lizard’s Song (written by Sarah Bennett)

I was walking home from the shops, a single bag tucked under my arm. I want to say it was filled with celery and carrots, greenery poking out the top, but I had only purchased eyeliner from the pharmacy and a cheap bottle of wine.

The sun came out, and I stepped by a large lizard. It scurried away, and I felt bad I had frightened it.

I am sorry. Please continue your song.

Upon returning home, I sat outside on the cement steps, book in hand. I thought if a lizard were to come out and play I would treat it kindly this time.

I popped inside for the quickest moment, and when I once again occupied the stairs I saw the end of a tail disappear into the bricks.

Sometimes I shout for God to bring me a gift when I should quieten my voice to receive what is already before me.

Sometimes I must remind myself to tread carefully or I will miss the very treasures I seek.

Sarah xx

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