Onto the Next Thing

I’m in the midst of moving, which is exciting. In just over a week I’ll be living somewhere new, which I don’t know if I’ve fully processed yet. With all the practical aspects to keep me busy, as well as working, I haven’t had many opportunities to just stop and let myself think about it.

Thankfully my family have all helped me. The decision to move came quickly, with only two weeks to make it happen (the notice needed for work and my current rental), but everything seems to have come together fairly easily. I don’t have too much stuff either, which helps – as someone who hasn’t lived on their own, I don’t have a lot of furniture to deal with.

It’s a relief to be moving, for a variety of reasons. I haven’t been comfortable where I am for quite some time, but I thought waiting it out was the right thing to do. But now it’s ending quickly, and I’ll be moving onto the next thing, and I feel ready for it. I have so many memories here, but certain things only last a season. That’s okay.

At some point in the future, I’m looking forward to having more garden space, and the freedom to plant whatever I want. I love the thought of growing my own vegetables, but I feel like I haven’t been able to give it a proper go. I’ve had success to varying degrees, but haven’t really tried this year. But it’s on the horizon!

Work is uncertain, but I know God has something for me. I’m nearly finished my degree, anyway, so perhaps a full-time job later in the year? That’s something I feel ready for, too. I’m 25, which isn’t old, but I do feel at the stage of life where I want more permanency. I want to be settled. The last two and a half years felt shaky, temporary, and more and more difficult to maintain. I’m hoping this move will allow me more stability and peace. Of course, I want to be open to where God takes me, and perhaps where I’m headed next won’t last as long as I imagine. But it’s nice to have a plan and to have some certainty in what’s happening with my life.

Most of my books are in boxes, as are a lot of my clothes. I don’t need much, and with only 8 days left here I need even less. I’ve yet to pack up what’s in the kitchen, but the task doesn’t seem too daunting. I’m looking forward to it, actually. Looking forward to seeing empty spaces and fresh starts.

For the last year I have felt relatively stuck, and while I can’t simply find a new home each time I feel this way, it does feel good to be on the move again. I see God’s hand in it all, and I have no doubt His plans are good. Onto the next thing! One step at a time.

Sarah xx

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