To Follow and Obey

When I started university I was 22. While I felt God was calling me to study, part of me did feel silly that I was beginning while those who had started studying right out of school were graduating. I was young, but I felt old. It didn’t help that the course I chose wouldn’t give me a specific job at the end.

But how can I question what God has in mind for me? While something might not make sense to the world, that is no reason to doubt. God comes through. He sees it all, knows all. He has reasons we may never know, but that is where our faith comes in. Though we do not understand, we follow.

There have been times when I felt like “just studying” was not enough. There is so much I want to do with my life! Mainly, build God’s kingdom. I have felt discouraged in the past because writing an essay does not further God’s love to people. But I choose to believe that if God has asked me to do something, it is not a waste. It is doing His work, even if it does not look like what someone else is doing.

A couple of weeks ago I finished trimester 1 with two take-home exams. In between the study and work, I enjoyed reading Christy, a classic by Catherine Marshall about a young woman in 1912 who becomes a teacher in a poverty-filled rural mountain area. What a joy it has been to read a book set so differently to my current life, yet can still speak to the bold decisions we must make as Christians, even when others do not understand.

I have said this before, but my studying days are nearly over. With only one trimester left and two units to complete my degree, I’ll be slipping away quietly.

During my take-home exams I was surprised by how much I enjoyed sitting down and working solidly for hours at a time. On my days off in the future I am looking forward to being able to implement this with my writing, and creating new projects to work on. (And more reading of course!)

I don’t know what God wants me to achieve in the future. I assume writing is part of it, but there is always an unknown aspect, isn’t there? A faithfulness we must have through the uncertainties, and choosing to obey.

I turned twenty five on the weekend, and was thinking through my early twenties. I have done so much, and so much has happened, that I did not choose yet has grown me or brought immense joy. Not everything pleasant, but everything handled by God. It is with this knowledge that I will face the year ahead.

Sarah xx

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