Slowly Receiving Autumn

I have written about the seasons countless times. It is perhaps the thing I admire and appreciate most of God’s creation (other than flowers, maybe). I love that God gave us organised change, and the chance for something different and new. The beginning of each season always feels like a blessing; starting something is special. The way our lives change rhythm to suit the seasons also. I love the pace of spring, and how it feels to do things later in the day. Planting, organising, walking. Spring is so fresh and hopeful. But I love the wind-down, lingering nature of autumn and winter. How we close the blinds, tuck ourselves into bed, and read a book at seven (anyone else?).

It is autumn, and I have loved wearing jumpers and turning on my lamp earlier than normal. Already I am reading more and have a better sleep routine. I am waking up sooner and getting things done before the day has caught up, then have long, quiet nights.

Over the last few days the mornings have been cool, and I didn’t know if I would get much done. The air was autumnal and I felt like lounging around. But then the mid mornings would grow warm, and while there was a part of me that wanted to sit under a blanket and let the day go on without me, I decided to embrace the spring-nature of it all. I traded my jumper for a dress and made my way through the house, getting odd jobs done that I would not normally have time for. Spring cleaning, if you will. Removing stains on clothes and shoes, weeding the garden, replanting some things that struggled through the rain. Lots of laundry to make use of the heat (is there anything better than a sun dried towel!?) (or tomato?), reorganised the pantry, decluttered my closet. Threw away things that had been sitting in the garage for months.

All these things can be done to an extent in the cooler months, but the motivation to finally get them done came with the sun, the warm breeze that flowed through the house. In winter, towels do not always dry in one day. Weeds do not appear so quickly. In winter, little tasks are put off because the gloomy weather makes for a great afternoon with a cup of tea, not productivi-tea (lol).

In the evenings, things slow down once more. Putting dinner on in the afternoon light feels like spring, but serving up a slow-cooker meal feels more like winter.

The rest of today will be more relaxed than the last few days have been; other than cooking various things for the freezer (and for my lunch!) and getting some writing done, I will read. Next week I am working much more than this week, so I am taking the opportunity today to enjoy the time at home. And yes, I will look at my neatly folded, organised closet numerous times because where is the fun in reorganising if you can’t enjoy how it looks at the end?

Sarah xx

4 thoughts on “Slowly Receiving Autumn

  1. LOL, Sarah, I don’t know whether I prefer a sun dried towel or tomato! Both are good. Anyway, I can relate to everything you’ve said – I too have done some weeding and extra household tasks such as cleaning out the fridge and washing quilt covers and pillow protectors. It’s a great time of year, God is good!

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