At Home: A Simple Life

I aspire for simplicity, and the beauty that comes from it.

What do I mean by simplicity?

I suppose I could use it in a few different ways. If something simple is not showy, and if simplicity is plain, something in its barest form, then I want to attach that to how I live. Buying whole food and cooking what I can from scratch. Not buying an abundance of cheap clothing but trying to be mindful in purchases and quality. The term simple does not always have positive connotations, but actually, the more I simplify my life, the more I seem to live in abundance. I view my actions, my interests, what I have, with higher value and with greater care. I think I am more appreciative and take less things for granted. I did not think much of getting dressed until I began trying to make more mindful purchases, and cut down on how many clothes I owned. My every day life seems to have grown in value since letting go of extravagance.

Late last year, I was cross-stitching Christmas presents for my family. Something that had always been in the background but never fully present was my desire for a beautiful Christmas quilt, and while I was sewing these gifts I thought, maybe next year I could sew myself a blanket?

I have made myself a blanket before, not one that you would call a quilt-quilt. But it’s my favourite thing I’ve made. It fits a single bed and is made of a collection of fabric squares. I sewed it in high school with the help of my mum, and it reflects my interests at that time – it is very pink and features numerous horses and flowers. (In all honesty, I love how pink it is.)

Following this, I am going to make my Christmas blanket in the same way. Not really a proper quilt, but a collection of fabric squares sewn together, with some sort of fleece in the middle, and backed with a flannel sheet, if I can find one – if not, I may need to find some other large piece of fabric. We will see what happens.

If you didn’t know, Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love how special it is. Even though Christmas in Australia is in summer, I would love to see my blanket made up on top of a bed, or neatly placed over the back of a lounge in December. I think that would look lovely in the light of a Christmas tree.

I am not going to be using fabric that has Santa on it – ew – or anything like that, I will simply combine different fabrics that are red, green, cream, and some blue thrown in if the red and green are too much. Most of the fabrics I have cut into squares so far are floral patterns, but I’ve bought some plain red and green so it won’t be too busy.

This project is already bringing joy and I have barely begun. While there is satisfaction in embroidery and cross-stitch, seeing a large piece of sewing come together is very exciting! Especially because I have not made something functional for a year or two – my recent projects have been hand-sewing. To be able to use what you have made is an incredible feeling.

Of course, I could have bought a beautiful Christmas quilt and been happy. Recently, I bought an apron instead of sewing one. Living simply does not mean having to do everything yourself, but doing what you can. Sewing is something I do when I am inspired, but there is no use in forcing it, because I won’t enjoy it. I am not the best at sewing, and trying to make myself sew constantly would only result in tears. But I go where inspiration leads, and can feel proud of what I have accomplished, without being perfect. That’s what you want from a hobby, isn’t it?

Sarah xx

p.s. I know I need to iron those pieces, lol.

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