January 2022 Reads

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins: I thoroughly enjoyed the previous work I read of Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White. The stories are very different, but have a similar pattern; numerous narrators telling the story as it moves forward, allowing the reader to see different sides of the same characters, and different aspects of society. A brilliant, engaging, classic mystery story. 4.5 stars.

Where Do We Go From Here? by Dr. David Jeremiah: A Christian book discussing end-time prophecies of the Bible and how they relate to today. At the end of each chapter are practical things we can do today with the information we have, which I found helpful. 4 stars.

God Where Are You by?! by John Bevere: Discussing the wilderness season that Christians face, I found this book incredibly helpful, challenging, and encouraging. As John Bevere says, when we find ourselves in difficult seasons when God seems distant, we may complain, assume it is a punishment, or ask God to change things, not realising it is actually a season that could provide intense growth, strength, and intimacy in our relationship with God and moving forward with our callings. 4 stars.

Overall, a very good month for reading, and one that has motivated me continue reading more. Going into February I have a lot of books to read for university, but it’s nice to have a mix of novels, Christian books, and the mandatory reads for class.

Sarah xx

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