Femininity: A List of Movies

After last week’s heavier topic, I thought I’d discuss something a bit more fun for this post! I’ve compiled a list of fictional movies I enjoy that feature women I look up to for how they showcase their femininity, each in different ways. I’ll compile a list of books in the following weeks as well, but thought it was best to keep them separate. If you have any movie recommendations, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

// Ladies in Black (2018)

// Ice Princess (2005)

// Austenland (2013)

While these movies differ in premise, what I love about each of them is how the protagonists grow into their femininity as the movie progresses. Each film showcases young women with dreams but are afraid to show their real selves. Finally, each woman steps up and embraces who they are meant to be, and unashamedly show those around them who they are despite hardships or disagreements that have come from this.

What is important is how each transformation begins on the inside. That is, where their passions and fears are, but, as the movies progress, it begins to be expressed outwardly, as well. They each begin to make themselves stand out by their appearance instead of hiding behind what they used to wear and in who they used to be. I love this because it showcases that appearance is important and is a natural outworking of what is happening inside us, but it isn’t the most important thing. The true work, the key to their authenticity and being unafraid to share parts of themselves begins with their hearts.

I also love that the women in these movies who enter new relationships, end up with a man who noticed them and liked them for who they were before their looks began to change. They attracted good men based on who they were on the inside and not only based on their appearance.

// Enchanted (2007)

// Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (2018)

// The Help (2011)

// Little Women (2019)

// The Sound of Music (1965)

// The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018)

The women in these films are unapologetically themselves and stand firm in what they think is right. Throughout Enchanted, Giselle believes in love and happily ever after despite Robert continually telling her to give up on her Prince. Or in The Help, Skeeter goes against her friends and society, and even the law, to write the stories of the African American women who raise the kids in her town. This does not make her popular but is the right thing to do. Similarly, Juliet in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society stays in Guernsey Island to find the truth of what happened there during the war. These women showcase bravery alongside beauty and authenticity.

Maria, from The Sound of Music, not only stands up to the Captain and his children (and offers them kindness and mentorship) but is strong and courageous in the face of danger. Just as the movies before, the women in these films also attract men who love them for who they are and who will not squash them.

// Breakfast at Tiffanies (1961)

// The Parent Trap (1998)

Two of my favourites, saved until the end! (Well, I suppose every movie on this list is kind of one of my favourites.) Audrey Hepburn, who plays Holly in Breakfast at Tiffanies, and Natasha Richardson, who plays Elizabeth in The Parent Trap, are both classy and elegant, though in different ways. The character Holly is odd, and I would say she is only classy because of the context of the movie. Her behaviour is quite immature and childish, and her decisions are all emotionally or financially based. However, she dresses for the time she is in, which conveys a sense of style and elegance despite her emotional, erratic behaviour. I think we all know her iconic look she wears while standing outside Tiffanies, which shows her way of dressing and styling her hair achieves an elegance despite her character.

On the other hand, Elizabeth in The Parent Trap conveys class and elegance through her manner, which is also expressed through her modest and simple yet beautiful and feminine style. Save for her moments of panic at the hotel, Elizabeth holds herself with confidence and poise and speaks with honesty and clarity. She isn’t overly emotional like Holly and captivates those around her with her warmth; a contrast to the stunning yet cold Meredith Blake.

Surprising no one, I now feel like watching The Parent Trap. Hmm…

Sarah xx

5 thoughts on “Femininity: A List of Movies

  1. Hi Sarah, the Princess Diaries movies are good too. The main character’s outward transformation takes place first, and then her character and being true to herself have to catch up. Also her grandmother is a strong and feminine woman.

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  2. So many good movies! I have to also mention the old classic Pride and Prejudice. Lizzie changes a lot through the movie but at the same time stays true to herself. And also doesn’t give in to Lady Catherine trying to influence her.

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