Femininity: not about perfection or oppression

After deciding to follow my slightly nerve-wracking but incredibly exciting new series on femininity, I’ve been writing down so many ideas about what I can explore here on the blog. But firstly, there is something important pressing on my heart.

As I discuss femininity and look back at what I have implemented, and look forward at what I’m growing in, there is something that needs to be remembered throughout this journey.

Femininity is not about perfection. This journey is not about striving or presenting yourself as someone who isn’t real. I don’t want to portray myself, online or in person, as someone I’m not.

While this is a journey and things need to be learnt and practiced, there is a difference between growing in who you are meant to be and striving to be perfect, or to be like someone else. I think there is danger in this; we shouldn’t put unrealistic expectations on ourselves or the other women in our lives.

Something I’ve noticed is the warmest, softest, most elegant, classy women are authentic, real, and don’t hide who they are or act like somebody different. They offer their beauty and we can connect with them because they aren’t pretending.

As I write about my experiences, I promise no perfection or unrealistic expectations, on myself or others. I encourage you to do the same. Women are not copies of each other but are unique and each one beautiful. God wants us to be true to ourselves! He made each of us purposefully and loves our differences. Growing in my femininity is accepting who I am instead of rejecting myself.

The other thing to remember is that embracing femininity does not mean I’m oppressed, nor does it mean I’m setting women’s rights back one hundred years, as some might say.

It’s as simple and complex as living intentionally and authentically in who I was created to be. It’s about cultivating joy and beauty and peace and offering those things to others. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had in going to university and living independently, and my belief in traditional gender roles does not mean I’m rejecting my education or opportunities.

But I do believe in a more traditional way of doing things. I’m not telling you to find a husband and stay at home, only that I think the way God intended the world to be is what’s best for us. Of course, if you aren’t a Christian or are less traditional, I’m not trying to change your mind. But embracing my femininity is tied to my faith and what the Bible says, and this perspective will pop up in my blog. You are allowed to agree or disagree with me, and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

Sarah xx

2 thoughts on “Femininity: not about perfection or oppression

  1. Yes, Sarah, I agree – and there is a peace that comes when we let go of the idea that we have to look like/act like somebody else. It leaves us free to move forward in becoming the woman God designed us to be whilst at the same time appreciating those around us who are different to us. For example, I love the similarities AND the differences between you and your sisters!

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