Finding Peace without Instagram

It’s been just over a month since leaving social media permanently, for good, and about three weeks since updating my phone to be Google free.

I feel more at peace.

Even though I tried to use Instagram well when I had it; that is, I didn’t follow many people and was intentional about what I saw on my feed, I still found myself wasting time, comparing myself, habitually picking up my phone when I had no need.

In some ways, I feel like I haven’t quite found my footing. The key purpose of deleting Instagram was because it wasn’t how I want to write or how I want to share my writing (I go into detail about that in this post if you’re interested), but I currently still feel a bit lost with my writing.

I love my blog and newsletter, but I do feel very small in a very large ocean. Without Instagram, I don’t have the guise of doing something “more” for my writing, just as when I finish uni I won’t be as obviously “moving forward” with my writing.

But of course, it will take more than a month to settle into the lack-of-Instagram. It will mean being more prayerful about my writing, maybe more intentional. But I have the feeling it will be more about taking the pressure off and writing for myself, for God, and not for superficial reasons (like gaining social media followers). I’m looking forward to delving deeper into this, to digging into creativity and my heart and the feelings that have bloomed from this experience.

While I try to find my footing with writing, it has been a joy to read when I would usually be on my phone. I’ve been reading more frequently during the day, when I used to only find time to read before bed. I now read in the ad breaks of the Olympics, which has been a fun and relaxing time.

I wake up, and wake up slowly without checking my phone. My days feel simpler, calmer, yet fuller. I receive barely any notifications these days, and I welcome this breathing space.

I no longer feel overwhelmed with information and opinions I didn’t ask for or need, I can intentionally choose what information I receive and how I receive it.

I feel like my mind has been doing a declutter since deleting Instagram.

I hope I do not try and hoard it all back.

A life without social media, yes, feels like life. And I’m excited to see where my writing goes now, I’m excited to figure out what’s going on without the security blanket of Instagram. It’s an exciting time. A creative time. A slow, simple time. Thank you God.

Sarah xx

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