Spring / Poem

Spring (Written by Sarah Bennett)

There’s washing on the line and a poem in my heart,

A fullness of joy that’s been in hiding.

Was I the one who sent it away?

There are walks to be had and flowers to plant,

The sun filters through the windows, shining.

A slow, happy day.

Interestingly, I wrote this a week ago (yes, in winter). But it was a day that felt like spring and it was a poem that fell out easily. I was also looking through my collection of poetry, and I have a poem named after each season except for spring, so how could I resist? (You can read Autumn here and Winter here, though I haven’t posted summer on this blog yet.)

As I mentioned in my last post, I am focusing my attention onto a novel, as that’s what I want to have published, but I still want to post poetry here, as it is something that still brings me joy, and I like sharing creative pieces as well as thoughts and ideas. While I am working more seriously on a novel, poetry is still something I love to write, especially in my quiet times with God. I don’t think anyone needs to stick to one form of writing alone.

I hope you can enjoy some slow, happy days, for they are one of the joyful things in life.

Sarah xx

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