Winter / Poem

I realise I’ve been uploading a lot of poems and little else. I feel like I’m getting back in the game and need to catch up, so I’m posting an array of new and old in the hopes my blog will represent how I spend my time, what I think about, what I care about, and how I view the world. Not that it’s been anything other than that. But I want the poetry I’m proud of to have a place here, and that means posting them. So here you are, my third and final (for now) poem I wrote using this blog post I wrote last winter.

Winter (Written by Sarah Bennett)

it’s the middle of winter but feels like spring life feels fresh bright full

I spend afternoons in the garden I am trying to create a bed bursting with flowers bees hope giving to something else can fill you up too

I spend my nights with words reading writing I’m learning to write more about what’s on the inside of me rather than what has happened to me is it working heartache is real but there is so much more to me than the parts that hurt I will draw them out with a pen and fill in the blanks

my heart is a home people have come and gone but this heart is growing and filling my bones lungs limbs

for a lot of my life the future scared me the thought of things happening out of my control things I did not choose for myself not knowing how things would turn out scared me these days I welcome uncertainty I welcome not knowing what the future holds do I trust God more than I used to or am I simply learning to accept what I cannot know there is so much I do not know I stop wondering what if and embrace the mercy that is every new morning I have the privilege of waking up to

I read books I wish I could bottle them up and hand them out to everyone I meet because how can I describe what fills my soul without stealing their words sentences metaphors

I got a haircut yesterday a trim it looks the same but it feels light I feel light life feels light I have spent so many days searching for the light joy isn’t one moment where everything changes it’s the smaller moments that build you up

it is winter and I am paying attention I think I am content

Let me know what you think! And rest assured, next week you should find my monthly reading instead of another poem. Ah, more words!

Sarah xx

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