Gone / Poem

In this post I mentioned how I took some old blog posts and turned them into poems. Here’s the second one, rewritten from this post. Again, I didn’t change too much, mostly just the format. Although I didn’t include the entire post but contained it so the poem conveys one message.

Gone (Written by Sarah Bennett)

I gave away my copy of Gone With the Wind / I’d really like it back / not because I want to read it cover to cover / because I like the feel of it / some books contain nostalgia / or something sentimental / or something that hits you even though you’re not really sure why / it hits you in a small way / but when you dig in / turns out it’s in a big way / I bought it for a few dollars / second hand / twice loved / tattered cover / peeling / curling / edges containing history / in and outside the story / books are treasures / words are to be passed along / something that keeps giving / once you are / gone

Sarah xx

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